First Steps Back

Around five weeks ago, I was going through my computer and trying to clear out a bunch of files. Low and behold, I came across some old school videos that had been made by my old guild. It took me back to when times were mostly simple and the game was just fun. It was simply a game where a few guys would log in and find amusing ways to have some fun. I mentioned this on my personal Facebook account and asked what servers people were playing on. That's all it took! It was like somewhere deep down inside, a small part of myself came alive. I tried to ignore it, but I kept coming across various things that pointed me right back to WoW. Then it happened! This past weekend, my wife (yes I remarried!) went out to celebrate her birthday (from May) with her sister. They were getting tattoos in remembrance of their grandmother, which I thought was pretty cool. My role in this was to stay at our home with our baby girl (yes, we had the world's cutest baby two years ago!) and hang out with her.

Things were going fine! We were well into our third hour of watching PJ Mask as nap time was approaching. Public disclaimer here, I don't care how long my wife goes out for so long as I have an ideal of what sort of time frame we are looking at. Things came up and my wife's plans changed due to the tattoo shop having closed. They ended up going somewhere else and a long story made short, I found myself with a lot of free time. So what was I to do? Download WoW you say? Update my mods you say? Renew my subscription you say? Give me a hell yeah!

Is it me or am I being really overly dramatic? Anyway... I did all of the above and was just wrapping up when I looked out my window and saw my wife pulling into the driveway. So close! The honest truth is that I am really excited to get back into WoW. I really love the MMO concept overall and RPGs were always my favorite games as a kid. I have tried to find a good replacement game, but none of them have kept my interest. So we shall see what new adventures await me as I wade back into the game!