It's Been A While...

Like the title says, it has been a while! The good news though friends, is that I am back! Any reports to my disappearance would be incorrect! All kidding aside, I cannot tell you how much I have truly missed just writing, not just about my experiences in WoW, but my experiences in life! I was going to say that my life has been like a giant roller-coaster since August of 2012, but honestly I think most of us could say that. We all have some pretty rough lows, as well as some amazing highs! That's what life is about though, right? It is about getting out there and having new experiences! Yeah, you may take a lump or two along the way, but those experiences are going to help you grow and become a better person hopefully. So rather than say my life has been crazy or a roller-coaster, I choose to say that my life has been filled full of experiences... a lot of awesome experiences!

At some point, we will delve into some of those events, but those are tales for another day. As for today, I want to talk a little bit about why I chose to come back to blogging and what is and is not going to be focused on. No better place to start than with the question, why come back? I honestly have wrestled with that very question for a few days now. I know you cannot see this, but I put a lot of time and effort into writing each and every post here, and when I asked myself that very question, I came up with a laundry list of reasons. At the end though it all boils down to one thing. I left things unfinished.

A lot of this was personal and behind the scenes, but there was a lot of positive things happening for not just Holy Shock, but also for me. I felt like some of the more short-term goals were finally within reach, and I was excited! I don't want to say the floor dropped out necessarily, but I was hit with a divorce, that while not unexpected, was sooner than anticipated and much nastier than it needed to be. The repercussions of that are still being felt today. While the events leading up to this, had triggered some pretty severe anxiety in me, this only exacerbated the situation. If you have never dealt with anxiety as a mental health issue, then the best way to frame it is that I simply wanted to withdraw from society. So I stopped.

I stopped playing the game that I was so heavily involved with. I stopped talking to and going out with my friends. I stopped working towards my goals. Instead, I chose to withdraw from society. I decided that a self imposed isolation was a better option. In the end, that was stupid! Let me just also offer a piece of advice learned the hard way. If you find yourself heading down the path of divorce, then hire a good attorney and DO NOT try to be the nice person, at least here in the states. I made a lot of bad choices with the thought that I was doing it to avoid fighting and in the spirit of being the nice guy. The truth is, you want to hash it all out at once, so that you can have closure and move on.

Moving on is exactly what we are going to do! Holy Shock was, and in a way, will always be a blog about a Paladin out in the World of Warcraft. That at the core of it all, will never change, but that doesn't mean that it cannot grow and evolve into something more. Deep down inside, I will always be Ruhtra! Wearer of the Assless Chaps of Power! Leader of the greatest strict ten man raiding guild to ever lay waste to Northrend, looking at you Mass Affluent Slayers! However, just like the game has changed, I too have changed and I am hoping that we can mix some old and some new and see where it all leads. In short, expect to see some shop talk about life as a Paladin and expect to see some other topics covered as well. I hope you'll join me as we set out on this exciting expansion of Holy Shock!