Work-life Balance

Kings Island, Cedar Point announce opening dates

When I decided to revive Holy Shock, there were a few things I promised I was going to work really hard at avoiding. One of those things was feeling like I was obligated to have new content up every single day of the week. To be honest, that is nearly impossible. To be really honest, when you just throw content up for the sake of having content, it usually is not very good... at least in my humble opinion. So while it was hard to do, I stayed clear of Holy Shock over the last two weeks during my vacation and really focused on spending my time with family and friends.

Yes, there was definitely some WoW that was played, but it was not the focus of my vacation and I am feeling really good about that. I managed to level my new hunter, Lunchabull, up to level fifty last night. I have really been focused on the story and less on the leveling. I have caught myself looking at certain achievements and that may be a direction I decide to go in. As for now I am enjoying the leveling process. There was also a lot of fun that was had out and about here locally!

We have season passes to Kings Island, it's a local amusement park here that just added their first gig-coaster! The picture doesn't do it justice to be honest! That thing is way up in the air! Two of my boys got to ride it and they both really liked it. I sadly cannot yet fit in the restraint. I have come a very long way in terms of weight loss, but not quite far enough to fit into all of the rides yet. Having grown up in the area though, I love roller coasters and cannot wait to ride this new one. On the last day that we were there, which will probably be the last of the season, we stayed the whole day and watched the firework display at the end. My baby girl loves the fireworks and it felt like a suitable way to close out the year at Kings Island.

My wife and I had been wanting to get matching tattoos since before the pandemic took hold here, but just never could find the time to get that done. So we managed to schedule our appointments and got our tattoos. We decided to go with a coordinate tattoo. She has the north coordinates and I have the west. We picked a spruce tree silhouette and have the coordinates as the trunk. Every time we travel somewhere now, we will add another tree. I have told I am going to have a yeti hidden somewhere in my woods... she was not amused. It's going to happen though!

Throw in some swimming, golfing, a trip to Dave & Buster's, and a few camp fires with smores, and you have a pretty good vacation. At least I consider it was a good vacation! So what have you all been up to over the last couple of weeks?