Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is your last warning! If you have not seen the new cut scenes from World of Warcraft, then turn back! I plan to share some thoughts on one scene in particular. You have been warned! Really... this is the last one! Okay, everyone that is left I am assuming understands the risks associated with this post? Then let's do it!

I hate to admit it, but I loved Garrosh's character! Don't get me wrong, he definitely pushed the boundaries of what some of his allies were willing to accept, but at the end of the day he understood that ultimately the Horde was at war. He was willing to be the ultimate bad guy, so long as his people came out on top. The same leader who was enraged at Sylvanas for raising more undead also dropped the bomb that destroyed the city of Theramore. At one point he understood that there was a moral line that one should never cross. Had the leaders of the Horde fully understood this and banded together behind their Warchief, perhaps he would not have felt the need to pursue using the sha energy or the heart of Y'Shaarj.

The whole alternate Draenor timeline stuff was entertaining and interesting, I felt it lessoned who he was. He went from an unyielding, unrepentant, warrior... to more of a character who just wanted to feel the approval of a father figure. Interestingly enough, it was not his own father Grom, but rather Thrall. So when Thrall crushed him on that field, we saw one last glimpse of the great warrior that Garrosh had been right before Thrall took his life. So it should be fitting then that we find Garrosh is in the Shadowlands.

Held against his will and made to pay for his crimes committed in life! We get a glimpse of him briefly in the Afterlife video of Revendreth. We learn that Revendreth is a place where souls go to serve penance for their crimes committed in life. Sadly for Garrosh, he was simply chosen to be a battery for the Jailor. Such a sad ending for such a great warrior... that is until we show up! Can I just say how stoked I was watching the video of Garrosh screaming out one final.. "FOR THE HORDE!!!!"

That is the Warchief that the Horde deserves! That is a Warchief that would make me proudly take up my mace and shield once more. That is a Warchief who would inspire me to fight on! Rest in piece Garrosh Hellscream, wherever you find yourself. So that's it! I want Garrosh back in charge... what say you? Does the Horde need a council of leaders, or do we need one kick ass warrior who is not afraid to make the hard choices?