Obligated To Speak Out

Have I mentioned how Holy Shock got its start back in 2008? It was a simple blog that was meant to share my thoughts about my journey in the World of Warcraft. Over the years the blog changed, at times even the name changed; however, at its core was still the love for WoW. Recently, as many of you have been doing I suppose, I have been reading the numerous articles, watching the countless YouTube videos, and seeing the numerous social media posts about Blizzard Entertainment. You know... the company that is responsible for great hits like Diablo, Starcraft, and of course Warcraft.

It saddened me to read the various stories that have come to light. My heart ached for the family of the employee who killed herself on a company trip. I cannot even begin to comprehend working in such a terrible environment, and trust me... where I work is probably one of the worst environments you can imagine, and it cannot even hold a candle to the things that have been reported about Blizzard Entertainment. Over the last several days, I have debated on if this is even a topic that I should attempt to convey my feelings on.

Who am I? Does my voice carry any weight within the gaming community any longer? Does my opinion matter? What can I do? These questions and countless others have been flooding my mind at night, so much so that I have been unable to sleep some nights. After some very deep soul searching, I have decided that I, above many others, am obligated to speak out about this topic. If there was no Blizzard Entertainment, then there would be no World of Warcraft, and by that line of logic, then there would be no Holy Shock. I have always been passionate about the game because during some of the worst times in my life, the friends I have made through this great community have been there with me. Now it is time to return the favor and be there in my own way for those who never knew the impact that they could have on someone's life.

In July, I returned to the site and decided that it needed a fresh start. So I wiped away all of the old content and I talked about rising up. Well, this is one of those moments that I feel I have to rise up and speak out about. The recent events at Blizzard Entertainment are appalling and the company is reaping the negative press that it so richly deserves. I truly hope that those who are found to have been involved in such behavior will be exposed to their community, their family, and their friends, for the complete pieces of garbage that they are. In the business world, you absolutely have to have thick skin, but for a group of individuals to have engaged in the acts that they are accused of... well it is disgusting. I truly hope that the legal authorities in California pursue the most severe measures available for both the business and the individuals. As the Father of a beautiful baby girl, who I will do anything to protect and shield from such animals, this enrages me. Justice must be dealt to all those who are involved. No exceptions. To those in the upper management who knew what went on and who have "moved" on from Blizzard Entertainment, if there is legal cause and proof of knowledge, then I hope justice is dealt to them as well.

Switching gears though, I think that as a community (both the WoW and larger gaming community overall) we need to remember that there are still some really good people who work for Blizzard Entertainment. It has bothered me deeply to see all of the hate being thrown at the various products of Blizzard. Yes, WoW has some major issues in both its mechanics and story line, but there is an abundance of rich story telling there as well. It is my hope that as things progress in the legal realm, that it will reap positive results in the games. 

Rather than come out and proclaim the death of a company or game, I hope that positive change can come. That Blizzard Entertainment makes the proper changes in leadership and that with these changes, we see real change in the games that we have dedicated so much time to. It is my hope that the gaming community, rather than produce more toxic articles, posts, and videos, will instead find a way to get involved in things that help uplift people and promote real change across the entire community. It is my hope that we, as a community, find a way to rise up and turn what has been so terrible for so many, into something amazing and wonderful. 


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