It's Been A While

Don't mind me as I blow the dust off this old website. I cannot even tell you the last time that I wrote a post for any of the various platforms that I have been involved with over the years, but as I sat there tonight snuggling my daughter and watching the WWE's Elimination Chamber "live premium event" a thought crossed my mind and I felt this urge to begin writing. I shrugged it off as nothing more than boredom because honestly I just do not have the time or willpower to take on anything in my life right now. The thing is though, the urge persisted and it just has been hanging around in the back of my mind all night. So I sat down and began the slow process of trying to figure out exactly what it was that I really wanted to do. Have you ever had those kinds of moods? So I began looking through all the various sites and platforms and the one thing stayed in my mind... Holy Shock.

Holy Shock was never intended to be anything more than a blog written by some guy who loved playing video games. I really don't know where that all changed and how it managed to stray so far from what it was intended to be. Over time, I lost the joy I found in writing the blog and I began to try to chase trends, grow the blog into something else, and Lord knows what else? In the end, I simply walked away from it. From time to time over the years, I would stick my head in and drop the infamous "update" post that bloggers do when they really have nothing else to talk about, but want to hold onto that dream. Those posts tend to lead to nowhere though and they grow farther and farther apart until you see the "last person out, please turn off the lights" post. I am pretty sure I wrote like five or six of those around here at various points. Is that what this post is? I hope not. I actually want to bring Holy Shock back to life as a place where I am just the guy who has a passion and wants to share it with the world. 

This time around, there will be no schedule of when you can expect a particular post about a particular topic. While I love a good schedule and maintaining a routine in my personal life, it just never meshed well for me when trying to write. It always made me feel extra pressure which led to anxiety. Isn't that silly? I created a situation where something that was meant to be fun became something that created a lot of anxiety for myself. So we are going to avoid that and instead just focus on whatever things are on my mind when I get a spare moment to sit down and tickle the keys. Having said that, I hope you all are having an amazing day/evening and I will see you next time!