Not Just About Games!

I am currently on a required leave from my work. I have been off for a little over a week, and have another week to go. During this time I have spent a lot of late night hours playing video games and watching various shows on the streaming services out there. One show I recently came across was Darwin's Game. Consider this to be your official spoiler warning and opportunity to step away from this post as I am going to share my thoughts on this anime below! Alright, if you are still reading then I assume that you are interested in the show, have watched the show already, or are just really bored. If it is the later, hopefully we can change that! So let's talk about what is Darwin's Game! In the show, the game is played out in the real world for the most part. In order to play the game, you must receive a text message to your cell phone. The message provides you a link that allows you access to the "Free to Play" game. When you choose to play the game, a snake appea

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